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Spin Star™️

Spin Star™️


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"Meet Spin Star™️ : The Ultimate Flying Spinner Toy for Amazing Tricks and Endless Fun!"


🌀 Effortless Fun:  Nova spins up with ease and delivers instant entertainment.

🚀 Unlimited Excitement:  Master incredible tricks and keep the fun going for hours.

🏠 Versatile Play:  Enjoy Nova indoors or outdoors, in any space, for non-stop enjoyment.

🌟 Relaxation Aid:  Let Nova help you unwind and de-stress after a long day.

🛡️ Safety First:  Designed with enclosed wheels for safe handling, ideal for kids and adults alike.

🎁 Gift of Joy:  Spread happiness by sharing Nova with loved ones on any occasion.


  1. 🔁 Return Effect: Experience the unique boomerang-like return feature for solo play enjoyment.
  2. 🎯 Steady Flight:  Throw Nova downward for stable, straight flights perfect for group play.
  3. 🔄 Gyroscopic Precision:  Achieve stunning maneuvers with the onboard gyroscopic motor.
  4. ⏱️ Rapid Recharge:  Fully charge Nova in just 15 minutes via Micro USB for extended playtime.
  5. 🔌 Convenient Charging:  Easily recharge Nova using any Micro USB cable for hassle-free power.

How it Works : 

  1. 🚀  Quick Start:  Activate Nova by turning on the power button and spinning the wheel.
  2. 🚀  Launch:  Give Nova a toss upwards for captivating aerial displays or downwards for controlled flights.
  3. 🌟 Mastery:  Experiment with different throws to unlock Nova's full potential for tricks and stunts.
  4. 🤲 Safe Handling:  Stop Nova by grasping it mid-air, ensuring safe and smooth landings every time.


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