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 Get flawless magnetic lashes 
Anytime, Anywhere without the hassle

🕒 All-Day Hold : Our special magnetic technology keeps your lashes on for 24 hours, even in the wind!

👁️ Fits Every Eye Shape : Our flexible lash design fits all eye shapes perfectly.

Feather-Light Design: Feels just like your natural lashes. No heavy magnets weighing you down!

💫 No Eye Infections : No glue, eyeliner, or mascara needed. Just simple lash application.

Why Choose LashMate™️?

1️⃣ Easy to Apply

No more complicated steps or sticky glue. With LashMate™️, you just snap the lashes on in seconds, making your beauty routine quick and easy.

2️⃣ Durable and Reusable

Use LashMate™️ lashes many times. With proper care, they stay beautiful and save you money and time.

3️⃣ Natural Look and Feel

Made from high-quality materials, LashMate™️ lashes are lightweight and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, giving you a flawless look.

4️⃣ Quick and Easy Removal

Removing LashMate™️ is as simple as applying them. A gentle pull, and they come off without any mess, leaving your eyes clean and comfortable.

5️⃣ No Harm to Natural Lashes

LashMate™️ ensures your natural lashes stay healthy and strong. No glue means no damage.

How to Use LashMate™️?

Your Eyelash Routine in Seconds!

➔ Separate your lashes upon opening.

➔ Place the upper lash strip on the top part of the lash installer and the bottom lash strip on the lower part.

➔ Roll the lash installer over your eye, starting from the corner, ensuring the magnetic lashes are close to your upper lash line.

➔ Clamp down over your natural lash and hold for 5 seconds. Release and witness your ✨transformation✨!

Over 500+ People’s Have made the Switch & Loved it 

  • 95% reported minimal to no lash damage compared to traditional adhesive methods.
  • 93% spend less time on their morning beauty routine.
  • 95% said LashMate™️ stays on for over 10 hours.
  • 91% will never go back to lash extensions or glue lashes.
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